2022: Looking Back

December 22, 2022

Audra McDonalds stands in front of a black grand piano on Hodgson Concert Hall stage

Given the variety and quality of UGA Presents performances, it’s hard to pick favorites. But we asked the Performing Arts Center staff to try. Here’s what they loved most in 2022.

My favorite show this season was Ira Glass‘s Seven Things I’ve Learned. As a longtime fan of This American Life, it was great getting to meet and work with Ira, and the show had all the wit and charm I’ve come to expect and love from his storytelling.—Amy Cole, assistant stage manager

I enjoyed seeing Ira Glass telling great American stories live in Hodgson Concert Hall.—Tim Wells, publications manager

Vox Luminis was really nice. The musical programming with the quality of their voices made the harmonies and overtones really come through in a hall that really likes that type of music.— Graf Imhoof, production manager

I loved Vox Luminis. Their playing and singing were exemplary, and I got to talk with artistic director Lionel Meunier about our shared love of Belgian pop genius Stromae.—Mark Mobley, director of marketing and communications

My favorite show of 2022 was when Audra McDonald graced our stage in April! She is a legend in the musical theatre world and I have been a fan of hers since I was a little girl. One of my earliest Broadway memories is listening to her rendition of “Your Daddy’s Son” on the original Broadway cast album of Ragtime. Getting to be part of having her here was a dream!—Miranda Wilson Brown, patron services manager & educational outreach coordinator

I loved Kishi Bashi! Involving UGA Students with a professional musician was fantastically appropriate because of the inspiration it holds for the student. Through the beautiful music, the Hodgson Hall audience was transported across so many landscapes, from the countryside, across the planes, to urban streetscapes. LOVED IT!—Carlton Bain, development coordinator

My favorite show so far has been the Villalobos Brothers. The artists were wonderful to work with backstage, interesting people to interact with, and very talented, hardworking musicians.—Emily Eddington, stage manager

I sure enjoyed Complexions Contemporary Ballet. I loved everything about it — the performance, the lighting and the music.—Vivian Hermitano, Business Operations Manager

Really enjoyed Complexions.  As a company, they have a great way of articulating each movement in a way that is expressive and exciting. Should have gone both nights!—Dee Hayman, box office manager

Complexions was a standout for me.  Seeing contemporary ballet set to Lenny Kravitz’s music was very cool. They did a fantastic school show too and the kids had a blast.—Blake H. Schneider, assistant director

Photo: Audra McDonald performing in Hodgson Concert Hall April 24, 2022 (Photo: Wingate Downs)