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Join Us as a Volunteer

Volunteer ushers are an important link to the Performing Arts Center patrons, and these volunteers are responsible for representing us proudly at all events. Ushers greet patrons, point them in the right direction, and help them find their seats at all performances. They help to fulfill our goal to always provide each patron with a positive, memorable experience from start to finish when they attend a performance. We ensure our volunteers are trained and well-informed. We recognize their hard work and dedication every spring at a special event with delicious food and great friendship. In exchange, we ask that our volunteers give their very best while they are representing the Performing Arts Center and University of Georgia. 


Each year we invite our volunteers to an event exclusively for them. There is always food and entertainment, and it gives our volunteers time to socialize with each other and to chat with our administrative staff.

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Training sessions for new volunteers are typically held once a year in late August or early September. Contact the volunteer coordinator at (706) 542-2634 for more information and to be added to the volunteer waiting list. Openings are filled once a year as needed.