“Why I Give” – Caroline D. Strobel

October 11, 2022

A woman stands in front of a fireplace.

This is part of a series of monthly articles about people who support the University of Georgia Performing Arts Center.

Meet Caroline D. Strobel, a major contributor to the UGA Performing Arts Center’s chamber music programming.

Music has always been important to me. My grandmother was a very fine pianist, and she taught all of us children piano starting when we were 5 years old. And then we took another instrument up when we were 9, and I took up the violin. I played music all my life until I started working at the age of 40.

I’ve lived here in Athens for 55 years. I came here and there was nothing. There was absolutely nothing going on in this town as far as music was concerned. If we wanted to hear music, we had to go to Atlanta. And that was before 316. That was before you really had a good way of getting there.

I was just so happy when the Performing Arts Center opened up. Here people have the opportunity to hear music that is every bit as good as anything that’s on in Atlanta.

I believe my gift to the PAC helps the community because it allows the PAC to bring in quality musicians. A very good musician is going to require more money than a mediocre one, and so by giving money I’m allowing them to bring in more top-notch musicians.

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