UGA Performing Arts Center


The Bumper Jacksons

View Seating Ramsey Concert Hall
Ticket Prices: $39
Wednesday, November 8 8:00 PM
Thursday, November 9 8:00 PM

The Bumper Jacksons are hot and sweet, painting America’s story from the seductive sounds of New Orleans to the hollers of the Appalachian Mountains. Folding together early styles of jazz, blues, and country swing, the Bumper Jacksons strike a bold yet elegant balance between paying homage to tradition and fashioning their own unique sound. Their playfully creative originals and reimagined roots music earned them the Best Folk Band Award for three consecutive years at the Washington Area Music Awards. As they continue to evolve and explore the frontiers and histories of our nation’s dance music traditions, the Bumper Jacksons are poised to bring their music – rich, raw, and true – to the rest of America.

This concert is part of Spotlight on the Arts, a 12-day festival celebrating the arts at UGA.