UGA Performing Arts Center


Murray Perahia, piano

Classics and Masterworks
View Seating Hodgson Concert Hall
Ticket Prices: $78 - $68
Thursday, April 12 8:00 PM

Murray Perahia’s place in the pantheon of the greatest pianists of our time is indisputable. In the four decades that he has performed on the concert stage, Perahia has become one of the world’s most cherished musical artists. Beyond his complete technical mastery of the instrument, Perahia has the rare ability to reveal the complex inner voices of a Baroque fugue with utter clarity, instill captivating beauty into the sustained melodic line of a Romantic nocturne, or summon the breathtaking thunder of a Beethoven sonata. The New York Times called Perahia the “poet of the keyboard,” and the Chicago Tribune praised his incredible ability “to breathe freshness and distinction into works we’ve heard many times before, but seldom played at this inspired level.”